Is a dashcam something you need on a motorcycle? It's fun to record your journeys and enjoy the sights and sounds of your adventure. But there are other reasons, far more utilitarian reasons, to consider a dashcam. In this age of road rage it's an accessory that might save you a lot of money. It's certainly worth considering if recording your ride– either for enjoyment or evidence– is something you want to do.

Here's some notable dashcams we think are worth a mention. Any of these are designed to be mounted on your motorcycle and provide a front and rear view plus GPS location, speed and elevation. They all use a memory card to store the video and allow access via a mobile app or copying directly from the SD card. 

Rexing MTC1

Our pick is this $300 unit from Rexing. 

It's well designed as well as rugged and waterproof. It offers a GPS coordinates, G-sensor, parking mode and loop recording, like all of the packages mentioned here. But it also provides a screen, that means you have quick access without a mobile app. 

Vantrue F1

This is a nice package also. Unlike the Rexing it does not have a screen so you use their app to review or share footage. Here's a very thorough video review of the F1 system by Vantrue.


Looking for a less expensive alternative? Check out this simple two-camera system. It's affordable yet still offers 1080p resolution, night vision and a G-sensor.

Any of these can record video while your bike is in motion, which might come in very handy in the event of an accident.