We've all heard the joke about the motorcycle rider who doesn't need a therapist. The concept of riding as good mental therapy is well known amongst motorcyclists. But did you ever wonder... is it true?

Well now there's scientific proof!

In fact, riding your motorcycle can reduce stress up to 25%. A study conducted in 2021 found increased sensory focus and reduced cortisol metrics– stuff commonly associated with exercise and reduced stress. 

“While scientists have long-studied the relationship of brain and hormone responses to attention and stress, doing so in real-life conditions such as these is rare,” explained Professor and senior team member, Dr. Mark Cohen. “No lab experiment can duplicate the feelings that a motorcyclist would have on the open road.”

Yeah. So I guess you could say, like we've known all along.

For more details on the study- and how to get started reducing stress by motorcycling visit Ride With Us.


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