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10: Wolfman Dry Duffel

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The last thing we want is wet gear. Well... maybe wet socks are worse? 

Packing all your camping stuff in one handy bag makes setup and teardown go much smoother. If that bag keeps everything dry– even better! The Expedition Dry Duffel from Wolfman Luggage is big, sturdy and waterproof. Stow your tent, sleeping bag, chair and more in this roomy rolltop bag. We prefer this simple rolldown design to zippers or Velcro closures that can bind or latch on to your underwear. The Dry Duffel is made from heavy 22 oz. vinyl with heavier 34 oz. vinyl on the sides. Once packed, four compression straps seal and secure your precious cargo. 

Available in three different sizes, you can choose black or bright yellow. Tiedown and shoulder straps are included, and get this— they're made in America!

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