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6: Jetboil Flash Camp Stove

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Remember I mentioned coffee?

Well, we need some sort of heat source to make hot coffee, and other less essential things... like hot food. The more rugged moto campers among us rely on the open flame of a campfire. But the sane buy a camp stove.

When shopping for a camp stove you'll soon discover there are a myriad of options available– with prices ranging from pocket change to rent-to-own. If the emphasis is on easy-to-find fuel you'll want something that uses the ubiquitous green Coleman propane can. Or you might save some space and opt for a smaller unit that uses a proprietary fuel cell. 

The JetBoil Flashis a great option if space or weight are at a premium. It's an all-in-one system with burner and container made together. Everything packs in the 1 liter container and it uses a 100 gram fuel can (costs about ten bucks), and the whole system weighs about a pound.

Claimed time to boil a pint of water is two and a half minutes. Cream or sugar? 

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