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We've used a number of communicators over the years and the Sena SMH10 is easily the best on the market. Easy to use, well built and excellent audio make it a must-have for our top ten list.

A his and hers intercom can make your rides more enjoyable. And safer too! It allows you to ride and talk with a passenger or fellow rider- or both! Discuss the scenery, share directions, coordinate gas stops, argue about getting lost or watch out for deer! Plus you can synch with your Bluetooth-capable cell phone or music player for tunes, weather or talk- even share music with your fellow riders or passenger. The latest firmware even allows your Sena to synch to different brands of intercoms!

Newer models offer more features, but we still prefer the solid reliability, wide range of accessories and big, easy to find control knob of the Sena SMH10.

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