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Number 1: Garmin Zumo 660 Motorcycle GPS

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Your adventure awaits.

Zumo 660For years the Garmin Zumo series has been the standard for motorcycle GPS receivers. Unlike the less expesive Nuvi, the Zumo's waterproof case is designed to withstand rain, dust, sunlight and vibration. The included motorcycle mount and wiring will securely hold the Zumo throughout your next cross-country adventure.

The 4.3" color display is glove-friendly, easier to read in sunlight, boasts large icons and an easy to use interface. Satellite technology means you always have accurate location information, even when you're far from the beaten path- or a cell phone tower. Bluetooth technology allows you to listen to turn-by-turn navigation through your wireless intercom, stay connected via mobile phone or listen to music on the Zumo's built-in MP3 player.

This is a great GPS custom designed for motorcycle use. But it includes a vehicle mount for navigating in the car! And lifetime maps are inlcuded- so you'll always have the latest highway information at your fingertips. Garmin also offers a model with an XM Receiver for real-time traffic updates and satellite weather view. Mount your Zumo with the inlcuded motorcycle mount and wiring, or customize your setup with a RAM mount and you're ready to go. Anywhere.

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