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25 mi.

A favorite spot for south OK and parts of Texas is the Wichita
Mountains Refuge. Located approx. 15 miles north of Lawton off of I-44.

State highway 49 cuts through the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge between I-44 and OK-54. The ride is nothing challenging, only a few twisties, but the scenery makes up for it. Be sure to take the turnout that goes to the peak of Mt. Scott. It's only a measly 2,464 feet but that's pretty high by Okie standards.

The area contains more than 5 lakes, a visitor center, the Holy City of
the Wichitas, free roaming buffalo and longhorn herds and some beautiful scenery to boot. The surrounding cities of Meers, Cache and Medicine Park offer up some great meals from hamburgers to bar-b-que to fish. Maps of all accessable roads are available at the entrances.

This is a great destination offering lots of hiking trails, rock climbing and camping on the WPA era lakes. A visitor's center near the eastern end of the refuge offers more information.

Great place to ride. Some curves and hills. Good scenery. I lived in Lawton from age 12 to 47. This was my "back yard". We used to camp and swim any place we wanted when I was young. There were some good places to take your honey too. I probably have been on every road, paved or unpaved there. Most are off limits now. I am on my 5th motorcycle. My first was when I was 16. I rode these "mountains" all I could. I moved to Dallas but I still make it up there when I can.

- Jerry



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