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150-200 miles



The ride starts in Wickenburg and heads north on US89. The first challenge is the long sweeping turns of Yarnell Hill. At the top of the hill is an excellent restaurant, the Ranch House. Continuing north you will ride through Yarnell and Peeples Valley to Wilhoit. There a greater challenge starts. The rod begins many twisting turns as slow as 15mph. It goes through an area call White Spars and increases in altitude to a pine forest. White Spars ends in Prescott where another hangout called Whiskey Row is located across the street from the town square.
Riding north out of Prescott you ride through the Prescott Dells, very scenic, ant take US89A towards Mingus MT. From the foot of the mountain, over the top and down to Jerome are more of the tight twisting turns.
Jerome, an old re-inhabited ghost town has many shops and good spots for food and drink. Watch you noise levels as the local constabulary will cite violates with impunity.
Continue north to Clarksdale and Cottonwood, old towns that have been revitalized with many retirees. You will ride through some high desert to the quaint Village of Sedona.
Sedona is one of the metaphysical centers of the universe. It is also your entry point to Oak Creek Canyon, some of the most beautiful canyon area south of Utah.
The ride from Sedona takes you through the canyon next to Oak Creek. On the North end of the canyon is a short stretch of twisty turnies up on to the pine forest mesa. From there you ride to Flagstaff.
Throughout the ride be ever vigilant for the animals and tourists along the way. Weekdays are much better than weekends. Also be aware of extreme changes in weather as you will ride from about 1000 feet desert to over 7000 feet pine forest several times.
This is one of the truely great rides in Arizona!