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Tortilla Flats

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30 miles from Downtown Phoenix


Rt 88, or Idaho Rd exit off of I-60

If you live in Phoenix, AZ, then you've surely heard of
Tortilla Flats, located in the Superstition Mountains east of the valley.
To get there, take the Superstition Freeway east to Apache Juntion, and
take a left off the exit. Go about a mile and a half to old Rt 88, and
take a right (just past the Walgreens on the left). This is one of the
most picturesque mountain roads I've ever been on. It's a two-lane
highway that takes you past Canyon lake and to Tortilla Flats, which is a
three building town stuck in the middle of the mountains. Stop at the
restaurant for a MONSTER burger, and take note of all the $1 bills on the
walls. This route is full of 15mph twisty turns that sportbikers and
cruisers will love! Be careful not to take those turns too quickly,
because it's not the fall that hurts, it's the sudden stop at the bottom
that gets you! Bring your camera as there are a couple of scenic picture
stops along the way. Once you turn onto old Rt 88 it's about 15-20 miles
to Tortilla Flats. Enjoy the ride!
Comments:Just did this on Sat and the above description is undrstated .add the Supieror to Winckleman to this ride and its a day never forgotten Thanks!

- Jim/Cycleclown