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Texas Forest Trail

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Forget tumbleweeds, open ranges and cacti. The "cowboys" in this part of Texas had names like Chief Long King, Bessie Coleman and Sam Houston. You're more likely to stumble across an alligator than a longhorn here and although the barbecue is great, the jambalaya is better. Experience the place where history and culture come naturally.

This Texas Trail follows the well-forested route of Texas where Indians had lived far before the first explorers investigated the continent. This route has several national and state forests, along with preserves and state parks. There are also a multitude of lakes in the area which are prime fishing spots. From Tyler to Palestine, the towns along the route not only offer a natural setting but a historic one as well, with many of them on the historic register. Many of the historic sites throughout the towns concern the Texas mining and oil boom that is still apparent in the towns, though with a more ecological approach than in the past.

This ride was designated a Texas State Scenic Byway in 1967.

The route itself follows a circular loop from Tyler to Palestine. The road starts in Tyler on a ranch road 14 and goes to U.S. Highway 69 then to State Highway 37 onto many farm roads through Cason, Marion, Kilgore, Nacogdoches, and Lufkin in a kind of backroads route. The road also passes through Montgomery, Huntsville, Crockett, Ratcliff, Slocum, Palestine, Poynor and then back to Tyler.


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