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Rolling Hills Off Road Park

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135 acres

RHORP has 135 acres of land that used to be an old Girl Scout camp.

We have hills, canyons and trails through the trees. We allow 4 wheelers as well as motorcycles. We have had Coors race as well as Snowman Race and a MACCRA race....We have had OCCRA riders out....So far everyone has enjoyed themselves... We are located off of Hwy 9 and Harrah-Newalla Rd. We are exactly three miles south of Hwy 9 and Harrah-Newalla Rd.. I will warn you- on the south side of Hwy 9 Harrah-Newalla changes names to 192nd Street. Go to the right of the zig zag...Imhoff Road will be on your left and we are exactly 3 miles.. You can only turn left on Imhoff...Top of the hill on the right..Call before you haul. Jim or Fiona Lee 405-366-0722.


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