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Red Bud Valley Road

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5 mi.

Nice ride and a great place to stop and enjoy a couple of hours of hiking (see link).

Go north on 161st E. Ave. past Pine. Watch for nasty RR crossing, after that it's a fun drive. Take a break (or a hike) at the Red Bud Valley nature preserve.

Ride ends up on OK-167 just north of the Cherokee Casino. Head north from here and look for the renowned Keetonville Road.

8/22/2007 JRB: The monsoons of 2007 have caused a good deal of gravel to find its way on to this route. Some of these spots are just around corners and can be quite... awakening.

Potholes have always been a problem on this road. But a recent patch job by the county has helped. But the east end is suffering from some pretty bad lumps.

At least the RR crossing is finally civilized!