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Highway 120

Rainbow Pool is a historic site that is unmarked on most maps,, as well as the road.

Once a log bridge in 1870,, the bridge has a life of burnouts,, and flood-overs which destroy it many times. The most recent rebuild occurred in 1999.

You will find a series of small pools leading to a waterfall that is suitable for diving. Many youths frequent this area on weekends,, but weekdays it is rather quiet. Bring shorts,, a towel and your sense of adventure. There is also a cave behind the waterfall.

Difficult to find,, it is a small unmarked road just before the first bridge past Buck Meadows as you head south into Yosemite National Park. Enjoy!

Comments:Rainbow Pool is a great place to swim and hang out. In the early 1960's I lived there while my father worked on the bridge project at Rainbow Pool. There is still great fishing there, as well as some wonderful B&B"s with much to see in the outlying area. Many great hiking trails. Lost Canyon park is a nice place to camp overnight on Hwy 120.

- John McGarry


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