Ride Type: 
shippond road

U go down state road and and turn on shippond rd go down that road for like a mile or so in till u reach thedirt road and then keep on going on that road in till u see a pond to the left and there is a opening on the right so u can unlood ur bikes then go on the dirt road and like a min from the opening on your left there will be a trail folow the trail and at the end u will be on the powerlines if u look there is a couple of trails of to the sides in the woods. it is a really fun but go there on sundays early in the morning so th greenies dont get ya it is proboly sutible for a good rider on a 60 and up.there is a lot of down hills and uphills there is whoops and some rocks so if your goin fast onthe whoops watch out for the rocks it is sand in some places if u folow the powerlines all the way they will proboly take u to cederville. happy trails.


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