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Trace State Park

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MS 278

Trace State Park offers a quiet, natural retreat located just minutes from the excitement of Tupelo, one of Mississippi's fastest growing cities. Trace State Park offers a variety of outdoor activities ranging from fishing and water sports to exploring miles of secluded nature trails. A special arrangement with the Pontotoc Country Club allows Trace State Park guests to enjoy the club's 18-hole golf course without paying green fees.

Trace State Park is located in Pontotoc County and is a dry county, (No Alcohol Permitted).
All ATVs, Dirt Bikes etc. must be transported to and from the trail area..
No golf carts, motorized toys, scooters, etc. (gas or electric) are permitted..
No Swimming Area is provided within the park..
Extra Camping units are charged an additional fee..
Free green fees at Pontotoc Country Club, good for two persons with camping/cabin receipt.
In the event of cancellation, penalties may apply. Mississippi State Parks now utilizes a voucher system for any balance due to customers. You will not receive a refund. Please read the cancellation policy located on the "Checkout Shopping Cart" page prior to checking Yes in the acknowledgement box.

Trace State Park is located 9 miles West of Tupelo, MS and 8 miles East of Pontotoc, MS on MS Hwy 6. Signs are present on MS Hwy 6, the park is located approximately 2 miles off of MS Hwy 6 on Faulkner Road in Pontotoc County.