Ride Type: 
19 miles
Highway 23

Highway 23 is a legendary Arkansas highway known as the Pig Trail. The name refers to the wild pigs who carved paths through thick forest growth, creating trails that settlers later adopted. Today those trails are frequented by motorcyclists and sports car enthusiasts for the challenging twisties they offer.

The official Pig Trail Scenic Byway runs through the Ozark National forest, which is known for its beauty of mixed foliage and beautiful scenery. The rugged Boston Mountains loom in the distance, inviting hikers to enjoy panoramic views of the area below. Hike through colorful flora and rugged terrain to catch a glimpse of a deer or other wildlife foraging through the fields. Picnic among the fiery golds and reds of autumn by the rushing waters of a waterfall . Spend springtime hiking along the winding trails in the area when the serviceberry, dogwood and redbud trees are in bloom.


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