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1/4 mile
Highway 125

Highway 125 crosses the Missouri-Arkansas border at Bull Shoals Lake. Nothing unusual about that. Except there is no bridge! Since the lake was built, a free ferry has carried travelers across the water that now covers the highway. It's the last operating free ferry in the state of Arkansas and the trip takes about 30 minutes. Oh.. and highway 125 ain't half bad either!


Johnny (not verified) said:

I have a bunch of buddies who, maybe once a year, do what they call the Ferry ride. they will cruise to there from Springdale/Fay. get of and ride some hwys in MO. sounds like a blast. i havent had the time to go yet with work and all. but the last time they went they took a new guy with them, i would warn ppl who are new to 125 to take a little slower. there are apparently ALOT of elevation changes. he went down, and needless to say the top of his helmet saved his life. All in All though, it sounds like a nice day ride.

Ronnie E. (not verified) said:

Peel Ferry Ride really delivers for a great bike ride! Cross over the ferry and wind your way through the Mark Twain National Forest on US Highway 160. Don't forget to stop for lunch at The Smothered Mutt located about 15 miles from the ferry. It's a great little restaurant that offers over 30 hot dog combinations and a wonderful view of the forest. Ice cold beer and friendly service awaits you.

Phil (not verified) said:

My Dad and I rode the peels ferry ride we Started in Roach Mo. on two Cruisers last year and went on down to mount magazine great ride I was 56 years old at the time found the ride fun and very manageable. after leaving there we ended up at a town in Arkansas named 56 the national forest service has a camping area just east of the town and there are some very cool caves to explore. hope you get a chance to make this ride.





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