Ride Type: 
26 miles
New Prue Road

This will be a good road once repaved (slated for 2003) it's 26 miles of twisties. Mostly sweepers going around the north side of Keystone Lake. Good scenery and close to Tulsa/Sand Springs. The road starts at 412 and 214th Street which is the last exit before the Keystone Lake Dam going west. It terminates at higway 99 just North of Cleveland, OK and is a nice way to get to Hallet Race Track for CMRA or WERA races there.

Comments:The road is very nice where it has been repaved. It starts at 412 and 209th west avenue (not 214th), and goes for around 8 miles as a good road. This part of the road is scenic and a very nice ride. The rest of the road is fairly bad as of 12/2009, and there is loose gravel in random places. Very dangerous, very bumpy, not a good ride.

- Tom White


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