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444 miles

Scenic byway that stretches more than 400 miles from Natchez, MS on the Mississippi River through Alabama and Tennessee to Nashville.

The trail has been a popular scenic drive since being declared a National Parkway in 1938. Riding the Trace is like a continuous park mile after mile. Communities along the route hold festivals and events throughout the year and historic stops and overlooks along the way provide perfect spots for occasional breaks.
Comments: I entered the Natchez Trace Park in Tupelo Mississippi as I was in Northern Alabama on my ride from Palm Beach Florida. The Natchez Trace begins in Nashville Tennessee and ends at Natchez Mississippi. The serene country side is absolutely breath taking. I rode it to Jackson Mississippi and got off to continue south to New Orleans. The Trace is a highway (45 MPH) built along side of the still existing Natchez Trace trail that was used by the settlers to travel to Natchez Mississippi when the ships came in from foreign lands, with supplies. There were way station houses built along the trail to stop and stay at night with rest and food offered to the settlers and their mules and horses. At intervals along the trail there are signs to describe the point of interest with a massive amount of history. I enjoyed it so much I will be doing it again next year.

- Jim Bidwell


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