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1200 acres
Hiway 26

This place has been here for years, it has been called dirt bike heaven by many. If you like to hillclimb this is the place. There are more hills and trails than a person can climb in a day.

Better hurry cause the State has decided to start a reclamation process of the old strip pits and about half are already gone. I have been riding there for about 20 plus years and I still enjoy a good full day of climbing. The land is owned by the state of Oklahoma and as far I as I am aware their are no restrictions. Material is shale, so when you bust it's not to bad.

One mile north of McCurtain on OK-26.
Comments:Strip pits at McCurtain, OK are privately owned and part that has not been reclaimed is now fenced off so we cannot get in to ride. This was the greatest place to ride. I would go spend the whole with my kids riding our dirt bikes. We would cook out and make a day of it. The problem was people illegal dumping trash there which caused them to fence it off. So a few people ruined it for the rest of us. Does anyone know of any strip pits like this one to ride at?

- John Carson

you can still ride their its just a little harder to get to now. the part that is fenced off is owned by a dumb ass i tried every thing to get to ride their from pick up all the trash to money.but he doesnt own it all i will have to show you how to get back their some day. Iam going riding their today 1-22-09

- June Bug


Jason (not verified) said:

I used to ride out there in the late 80's. Early 90's. Started taking my son in 04. Went in 06 to ride with my son and it was fenced off. Best riding ever. Thought my son how to climb hills there. Great family place. Catch great air on top of the hills.


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