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430 Acres

Our Park is BRAND NEW and will be going through some tremendous, but exciting, growing experiences.
Since we are just opening, we do not yet offer water and electrical hook-ups for RVs. As of now, we offer only primitive camping. But don’t despair; improved campsites are on their way soon.
Until then, there are accommodations for RVs just a few miles away. Or, if you prefer, you can stay at one of our local motels that offers a swimming pool and cocktail lounge.

Here’s a quick view of some of the amenities we now offer:
· Riverbeds
· Watery Marshes
· Scenic Trails
· Sandbars
· Primitive Overnight Camping
· Picnicking
· Community Fire Pit
· Spontaneous Stuff like
Live Music
Weiner / Marshmallow Roasts
Stories around the campfire
MUCH more.

Phone 405-245-3553 or 405-382-7093


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