Ride Type: 
20 mi.

A picturesque ride around one of Oklahoma's prettiest lakes- and oldest state park.

Just south of Ardmore state highway 77S cuts off from US-77 and circles Lake Murray before continuing south through the Hickory Creek area. This route can be an excellent diversion from I-35 or a destination on it's own.

To make the loop around the lake take 77S south out of downtown Ardmore. After the junction with US-70 you will continue around the lake (do not take either of the 77S turnoffs that you will pass). If in doubt- turn left. Eventually you will rendezvous with US-70 again and finish the loop.

I agree very good ride. Pretty and relaxing. I have been on that road all times of the year in a car but the first time I rode it on my motorcycle it was like a new place to me. The last time it was about 100 degrees. I still enjoyed it. I will continue to return.

- Jerry


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