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Highway 102 South of Hwy 9, east of Norman, OK.

Hwy 102 South intersects I-40 between Shawnee and McCloud.
Between I-40 and Hwy 9 it's all straight. South of Hwy 9 the
hills are "tickle-belly" and the curves are smooth.
This Highway sweet spot doesn't last too long, but in the Greater OKC area, it's allot of fun.
If you go East a bit and continue on Hwy 102 South, you'll go through
a small town and the road turns pretty rough, but keep on it and
you'll cross the longest single lane bridge in Oklahoma. At least 1/4 mile.

Comments:The small town is Wanette and past the bridge is Byars. I grew up helping with my grandfather's farm down there. The bridge is awesome - it crosses the South Canadian river.

- T


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