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15 mi.

Oklahoma Highway 80 runs from Ft. Gibson to Hulbert. That equates to a scenic route from Muskogee to Tahlequah if you're traveling north or east. Great destinations in this area include The Western Hills Guest Ranch in the Sequoyah State Park, Camp Gruber ORV area and Greenleaf State Park near Braggs.

For a great meal stop by Bozena's in Ft. Gibson, authentic Polish cuisine and an interior that will keep you smiling for miles.

Just past the Ft. Gibson dam is a great overlook with plenty of room to pull over. Watch for flooding closer to Hulbert.

In the early 1800s the area around Fort Gibson was known as Three Forks, a name that refers to the confluence of the Verdigris, Arkansas and Neosho rivers. Conflicts among the unruly Indians necessitated the building of Fort Gibson in 1824, since Fort Smith was the closest caucasian enclave up to that point.

The original fort was closer to the Neosho River, which is now known as the Grand River south of Wyandotte, where the Spring and Neosho rivers meet. When the WPA began the current reconstruction of the Ft. Gibson stockade in the `30s it was decided to move the site away from this flood-prone area. The current historic site is an accurate recreation of 19th century military life and only a mile from the Fort Gibson National Cemetery.


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