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85 miles

Lake Stanley Draper is located just southeast of Oklahoma City. The off-road vehicle area is on the north side of the lake just off I-240, the unloading area is just a mile from the marina on the northwest side. Over 85 miles of trails snake through the woods and around the lake. Terrain is that lovely Oklahoma red dirt with a bit of sand.
Just a mile up the road from the unloading area is a concession, marina and information center. The concession is a fully stocked store which also serves a full menu of breakfast, burgers and cold drinks.
For more info contact the Ranger Station at Lake Stanley Draper, SE 104th and Stanley Draper Drive (405) 794-5010
Comments:As of 2005 this area has moved several miles south and is now known as the "Crosstimbers" riding area. There ATV trails, a very small MX practicce area, an XC type track and about 14 miles of dedicated single track for motorcycles only. Parking is excellent with an asphalt parking lot complete with wheel depressions for easy loading/unloading from a pickup bed, nice. As of 2008 fees are $10 per rider per day or a season pass can be purchased for around $50. Passes are good only from May 1 through April 30. Single track is marked one way and is about 14 miles of tight woods riding, mix of hard pack, sand and good old dirt. ATV is more sandy and wider, not as tight. Not many rocks or elevation changes, a few mudholes if it has recently rained.
- Mack Ames

Some of the best single track riding around there is enough to ride that you will wear out before you get board... way much fun!!
- Rick Johnston


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