Ride Type: 
90 miles
Hwy 116

Hwy 116 also know as the Devils Triangle Bike Ride the second most scenic ride in East Tennessee.

Two sets of 8 or more hairpins. Hundreds of curves. No flat stretches at all. Mountain roads, breath taking views, windmills.

A great place for a break is Greywolf Campground located at 5935 New River Hwy 423.
After riding over 45 years, this is by far the most technical road I've ever ridden. Enjoy the route, but take your time and evaluate everything and because all is not as it first appears. We traveled from Lake City to Petros, and the first hairpin is a real fooler. At first I could not figure out where the road went, then I figured out it was not only to my right, but above and behind me probably 25 or more degree uphill. A real challenge when I realized that second gear was probably not low enough. My daughter and I took our time, rode the whole distance with grins on our face, and hearts in our mouth on some turns. Watch out for very large dump trucks on the upper sections and gravel in the hairpins. Take it easy and enjoy the ride.

- Mel

The triangle is a gr8 ride. best reasons no cops not a lot of traffic dont have to worry about non riding morons taking you out did i mention no cops. only bad thing is some parts theres gravel no biggie if you no how to ride.

- Yankee


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