Ride Type: 
100 sq mi
HWY 58

Cal City is located in the Mojave Desert, near the base of the Southern Sierras. This is where I grew up, and besides the town itself, and the desert tortoise reserve, all desert east of the city is open riding. There are numerous small mountains and hills to climb, and plenty of trails going everywhere. Off road races are frequently run, leaving lots of whooped trails, you'll see the pink tape hanging from bushes. But please heed the warnings on danger signs.
In the town itself there is no motel. The nearby town of Mojave has numerous motels to stay at. But most people just park their fifth wheels and motorhomes in the desert. Recently they've added a waterfountain and toilet about 5 miles out from the main town on Silver Saddle Ranch Road. This place is very popular from Thanksgiving through the summer.


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