Ride Type: 
1100 Acres
Airline Highway (US Route#???)

If You live anywhere in the lower (South) USA. All you have to do is get in the I-10 Highway which streaches all the way across the south. Its in Norco LA. on airline Highway which is connected to I-10. Real easy 2 find. part of the area runs next to the I-10, reserved for 4x4 trucks and streatable vhehicles. But for you local yocals lol, its the same. Take I-10 West if you are in the New Orleans area, or take I-10 East if youre in the Batton Rouge area. For all you others living out of the area you can follow those rules to pinpoint the area. (its real easy to find). The rideing area is constantly being upgraded and free to ride in. It includes a dual purpose motocross track (needs to be redone though, good jumps but worn down some), Numerous woods trails rangeing from fast to "VERRY ROUGH". A newly redone "large" mid area (dual purpose) With a lot of new dual purpose tracks, at least 4 with a lot of jumps (mid level), a dune area full of sand and a sand track, a straight flat 1/4 of a mile drag track, about 4 fast straight runs with lots of fast ?woops? jumps. And a lot of trails and fast runs i dont do. Too much rideing for one to handle in a day. Surface texture is intermediate, clay and soft sand. Clay = nasty when wet. I will add a pic when i take 1 on my next outage.


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