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600 acres

Located west of Tulsa on Keystone Lake, this 600 acre area is maintained by the Corps of Engineers. Many of the locals refer to this area as Motorcycle Island. A few years ago the Corps built a high roadbed leading to the area so it's really just Motorcycle Peninsula nowadays. However, if the water level rises above 735 ft. it's an island again.

The terrain is sandy and ranges from open beaches to wooded trails. Moderate elevation changes keep the wooded areas interesting and a large circuit of sandy trails meander through briars taller then an elephant's eye.

White Water Park is another riding area on Keystone, it is located right next to the dam. It is only about 80 acres, mostly sand and closed while bald eagles visit the area.

For more information contact the Keystone Project Office at Rt. 1 Box 100, Sand Springs, OK 74063 (918) 865-2621
My husband and I used to ride here all the time(before children)we would have tons of fun.. Before I met my husband me and my friends would camp out (during our high school yrs.) we never had any problems and it was always clean. All-in-all, I would say Appalachia Bay is a safe, clean, and fun place for riding, camping, and/or swimming. :)

- Jessica M.





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