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Carts, Bikers and Babes Rally

Event Dates: 

Thursday, April 9, 2015 to Sunday, April 12, 2015

Event Type: 

Carts Bikers and Babes Rally now in its 6th year is one of the most talked about parties in the area these’s days. While being only 1 of two great rallies still held at Big creek park on beautiful Lake Somerville It Hosts many new elements in the Rally world and includes the carts and bikes as one. Bike games for the bikers and Cart races add a new twist. We are pretty sure all our hard core bikers bro and sisters are pulling for a good ol fashion cart crash but hey it’s a party for all and let the truth be known for all you nay Sayers we won’t go to a rally with carts good luck finding one! most all our crowd are hard core riders who choose to take to 4 wheels during this event as its safer you can haul more breasts and booze on a cart then a bike. With this said 13 live bands concert large stage 60 plus vendors Blowout Biker productions on hand for the in between fun and stage fun, just too much to list. Expected crowd this year in the thousands hay-fields maybe back in use for roadside self contained camping. for RV booking tickets call 979-742-3284