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Yamaha Answers Question Nobody Asked

Yamaha Niken pretending it isn't his.The press release calls it a revolution. Social media has responded more with revulsion.

Yamaha is the latest to jump into the more-than-two-wheels-motorcycle category with the three-wheeled 2019 Yamaha Niken. Originally introduced at EICMA in 2017, the "Leaning Multi-Wheel Motorcycle" appears to be proceeding beyond the what-if stage. In fact, the Yamaha website now claims a release date sometime in late 2018. 

This video attempts to explain why anyone would want such a vehicle:

But even after watching it, we're still perplexed. The Niken appears to be channeling the oft-maligned Piaggio MP3. Unlike the car-like Polaris Sligngshot or the Can Am Spyder, the Yamaha uses separate front forks attached to a semi-conventional motorcycle chassis. The idea is to provide the lean of a motorcycle but... not fall over?

The technology behind the Leaning Wheel Technology (LWT) is impressive. But it seems like there would be a better use for it than messing up a perfectly good motorcycle.


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I had a MP3. Loved it but

I had a MP3. Loved it but moved up to a BMW. I like the Niken and can’t wait to test drive one and maybe become an owner.

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