If off-the-beaten-path is your mantra, then you're probably familiar with Backcountry Discovery Routes. The not-for-profit designs non-paved adventures for the tall bike crowd. Their latest offering will be the most off-the-beaten-path yet: Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Route (WYBDR). 

Produced in partnership with BMW Motorrad USA and the Wyoming Office of Outdoor Recreation, the WYBDR will offer over 1,100 miles of wide open views of the Equality State. Co-Founder of Backcountry Discovery Routes, Bryce Stevens explained:

“This route will traverse five different mountain ranges, giving riders an opportunity to experience expansive views from the summit of three different 11,000-foot mountains. The rugged tracks explore vast high-desert regions, cross two major ‘rims’, descend several gorges and pass through many other remote and seldom visited areas.”

There's also a feature length documentary that will begin production next month. 

Like all of the Backcountry Discovery Routes, the Wyoming edition will be offered on a slick paper map (though it's not really paper) and GPS files. Scheduled release date is February 1st.



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