The revival of this Estonian marque generated a good deal of buzz back in 2011 when it won a World Design Award. The Guzzi-powered carbon fiber streetfighter was supposed to be headed for a showroom near you. Though the proposed $96k price tag suggested it would be an exclusive club.

The DNA of the Renard GT is engineering intelligence – an ultra-light composite unibody, longitudinally mounted V2 engine and components that represent the cutting edge of the motorcycle industry. The Renard GT’s carbon-fiber monocoque weighs only 9 kilograms, thanks to an increased cross-section, the composite body ensures very precise steering. The unibody integrates the motorcycle’s frame, fuel tank, and air box into a single load-bearing.

Since then we haven't heard much from Renard. Pity, looks like a fun toy.

If you care to track one down you can learn more at


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