Triumph Motorcycles takes a serious aim at the burgeoning electric bike market.

The initial step is a two-year development project—dubbed “Project TE-1”—that sees the firm joining forces with Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain’s e-Drive Division, and WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group) at the University of Warwick. The firm officially commenced the project after a six-month setup period to define its objectives and each of the partners’ roles.

Triumph Chief Product Officer Steve Sargent said, “The project is aimed at developing the technology and knowledge within Triumph and its partners for class-leading e-powertrains. The aim is to be ready to roll this technology out into motorcycles with our typical balance of handling, performance, and usability. We see a Triumph electric powertrain as a significant requirement in the future alongside our signature twin- and triple-cylinder engines, and this project is one of the key building blocks toward our future product lineup.”Understandably, he’s not keen to divulge details of the price, performance, and range intentions for whatever bikes the project leads to, but said, “We have set targets for the start of the project aimed at meeting identified customer needs. We are not publishing them at this stage, for obvious commercial reasons. A key part of the project will be to test and develop these targets pushing for the best balance of usability, performance, and range.”

Asked what style of electric bikes Triumph will be making, he explained, “We aim to develop e-powertrain technology that could feed into all areas of our range, where it will be applied first will depend on where the technology meets the customer demand.”

Source: Triumph Motorcycles Begins Development Of Ebike

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