Two fatal accidents in July have sparked more controversy over Tesla and their poorly named Autopilot feature. 

One crash involved a Tesla Model Y on State Route 91 near Riverside, CA on July 7, 2022. The Tesla hit the motorcycle from behind, killing its rider. Then on July 24 outside Draper, UT a second fatal crash, this time involving a Tesla Model 3. The driver was behind the motorcycle and hit it, killing the rider. Both of these accidents occurred at night and Autopilot is being blamed.

Why is this happening? The video below from Canada's FortNine offers some explanations– and possible solutions.

Both accidents are still being investigated, along with a slew of other Tesla crashes with emergency vehicles, overturned trucks, traffic signs and so on. 

If Autopilot is to blame it certainly seems like the deletion of radar from Tesla's feature list is a cost-cutting measure that cut a little too far. 


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