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'Tis the Season.... for dead batteries!

As the mercury drops and end of riding season approaches now is a good time to think about your motorcycle's battery. Low temps can really be a drain on a battery, especially one that hasn't had a good charge in a long time.

At the very least consider disconnecting your battery cables. Almost any vehicle has a slight draw of current (clock, ECU, security system) that over time can cause the battery to go flat. Disconnecting the leads will at least stop the drain.

Arai Tops Helmet Survey Again

According to a recent consumer survey, customer satisfaction with motorcycle helmets is at an all-time high, and one brand in particular continues to set the pace year after year.

In conducting the 2009 Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction Study, which measures the overall satisfaction of motorcyclists with their new helmet in three key factors: ventilation, face shield, and design and styling, J.D. Power and Associates asked owners to rate the following 11 attributes of their motorcycle helmet:


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