An ongoing probe into the safety record of Goodyear RV tires has revealed several deaths related to failures. This week, it was discovered motorcycles are also affected.

Goodyear/DunlopThe Dunlop D402, a popular tire for Harley-Davidson cruisers, has caused crashes resulting in 22 serious injuries and the death of five. When asked for comments a Goodyear spokesperson had this to say:

“In the case of Dunlop D402 motorcycle tires, there are no defects related to motor vehicle safety. In fact, most motorcycle tire issues are the result of underinflation, overloading or damage from road hazards.”

Most of the tires were made before 2015 in Tonawanda, New York by Goodyear Dunlop Tires North America Ltd.

Report from Jalopnik: Goodyear Motorcycle Tire Under Scrutiny As Well After Fatal Crashes And No Recall

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