The Skully helmet is back. And this time it actually exists!

The augmented reality helmet that created so much commotion back in 2014 seemed to wither on the vine. After more than $2 million was raised through crowdfunding the company went tango uniform. Nearly 2,000 backers were seemingly left high and dry. And without a helmet.

Skully HelmetFast forward two years and the fate of the high tech lid has changed! New owners have not only revived the project, they have promised to make good on the commitments made by the initial investors. A new website and PR campaign called Make It Right launched last month. But more importantly, actual helmets began shipping this week!

“We’re so excited to begin shipping the first of the SKULLY FENIX AR helmets,” said Ivan Contreras, co-founder and CEO of SKULLY Technologies. “Out of our passion for personal mobility and safety, we’ve created a whole new caliber of rider experience that is unprecedented in today’s market.”

The carbon fiber Fenix AR helmet retails for $1899.00 and features an integrated heads-up display, rearview mirror, pinlock visor and quick release straps. To learn more or order now visit

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