The American Motorcyclist Association is making some rare and collectible items available in their eBay Store. These deals are just in time for Christmas and proceeds go to support a worthy cause.

American Motorcyclist Association

You'll find books, pins, belt buckles and more. 

The AMA began issuing commemorative pins and belt buckles in 1984 as a way for the AMA to honor notable anniversaries, landmarks and important places and events. But the practice actually has a long history with the AMA, going back to the 1920s.

During the early years of motorcycling, small gatherings of motorcyclists evolved into organized road-riding events. A “Good Fellowship Tour” held in 1913 in Milwaukee proved to be immensely popular with the riding public. Following the pattern of the Milwaukee tour, a Gypsy Tour was developed and promoted by the AMA’s precursor organizations.

Special pricing is listed and most items allow you to make an offer.




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