In recent years a few automakers have been testing a new approach to car ownership. Instead of buying or leasing a new car, you "subscribe" to it. So far this subscription model has been limited to Porsche, Volvo, Mercedes Benz and other high-end marques. But more common nameplates like Ford have recently announced plans to offer such plans. So why not motorcycles?

That's exactly what Eagle Rider plans to do. The nationwide rental agency and tour operator has announced Club EagleRider. A new offering where riders can choose from thousands of motorcycles and ride whenever they want. 

For a monthly fee as low as $29 per month you can rent a bike at drastically reduced rates from one of 149 Eagle Rider locations. Not exactly cheap for a daily commuter. This differs from most automotive models, which operate more like a lease without the long-term commitment. But this may be perfect if you like the idea of cruising around town today, then shredding some gravel roads this weekend.

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