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Clever Power Plug for BMW Riders

Now you can have it either way.

BMW motorcycles have a wacky accessory power plug known as a Powerlet Outlet. It's basically like a cigarette lighter, but about half the diameter.

The upside to this Eurocentric receptacle is the positive snap connection. Anything plugged into it really locks into place. The downside is, well- almost nothing plugs into it. Most accessories are made to go into the good old 'Merican cigarette lighter receptacle.

Riding Gear with an English Tilt

Amongst all the black leather costumes, colorful motocross jerseys and synthetic mishmash of motorcycle clothing it's refreshing to find an outlet for genuine, well made riding gear.

British Motorcycle Gear offers a unique collection of authentic riding gear and apparel from famous names like Belstaff and Barbour. Their own line of apparel features hard-core adventure gear, retro cafe racer leather and casual coverings for hanging out at the local pub.



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