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Bike Sales Looking Up

Sales Slowly Rebounding

The latest trade rags are reporting that motorcycle and ATV sales are slowly recovering from their monumental slump. Sales of new bikes in November 2009 were down about 13% compared to the previous year. If that doesn't exactly sound like great news consider the number was about 35% just a few months previous. Regionally the west is faring the worst with an average slump in sales closer to 20%. By contrast, dealers in the northeast report sales are off less than 2%.

Links to Biker Bars and More

New Section Under Motorcycle Links

There are more than 1,000 links in our database of bike sites. Now we've added a new category for biker-friendly establishments and hangouts.

If you have a favorite haunt be sure to add a link! It doesn't have to be a bar, but it should be a place that accommodates motorcycles and their riders are welcome.


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