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Clever Power Plug for BMW Riders

Now you can have it either way.

BMW motorcycles have a wacky accessory power plug known as a Powerlet Outlet. It's basically like a cigarette lighter, but about half the diameter.

The upside to this Eurocentric receptacle is the positive snap connection. Anything plugged into it really locks into place. The downside is, well- almost nothing plugs into it. Most accessories are made to go into the good old 'Merican cigarette lighter receptacle.

Bikes on eBay: Yamaha RD400

In some circles it's known as the original crotch rocket.

The Yamaha RD revolutionized light sporting motorcycles with a reliable two-stroke twin equipped with automatic oil injection. For the time these bikes offered blistering speed and wonderful handling. The more refined RD400 brought us more power and disk brakes.

Bikes on eBay: 2x2 Superbike

A bike with two driven wheels has long been the goal of motorcycle engineers. But getting power to that front wheel and keeping all that pesky steering motion intact has been a challenge. Over the years designers have come up with schemes using belts, shafts and even cables to flexibly transmit power.

Robert Hackstetter claims to have cracked the problem and offers the world's first "All wheel Drive 1 liter Superbike."



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