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News: Motorcycle Scams Abound

As the weather warms up and riding season approaches, the scam artists start coming out of the woodwork. It appears they've dusted off an old classic for this Spring: the Steal.

Classifieds across the `Net are being clogged with "giveaway" deals on desirable motorcycles. I spotted one on Craig's List just this week:

2001 BMW R1150 GS
low miles, system cases, only $2950

Maintain Your Motorcycle

Saving Money Maintaining Your Motorbike

By Colin Coles

While the old adage ‘if it ain't broke, don't fix it' holds, it's the thorough checking that 'it ain't broke' that counts. Many modern bikes have very long service intervals, and are vastly more reliable than machines of the past. But don't let this make you complacent, regular checks are essential to the well being of your bike and yourself.



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