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From Russia with Leather

Any rider worth their counter-steer has heard of Ural motorcycles. These Russian clones of a World War Two-vintage BMW are best known as rugged sidecar rigs. And for good reason. While the technology may be from the Forties it's virtually state of the art for sidecars. Consider that many models have a sidecar wheel that is powered. Yeah. Pretty cool stuff.

But one thing that Urals are not known for is performance.

Will Film for Food

Motorcycle Travel Show Looking for a Good Home

A couple of years ago a buddy and I started making these videos about motorcycling around our home state of Oklahoma. It eventually landed on the PBS network and aired statewide for a few months.

We called it Two Wheel Oklahoma and planned on producing the initial episodes to asses the interest, then find underwriters to sponsor the production of more shows. Well the interest was no problem- everybody loved it. Here, have a look...

She Rides

Facebook Site Seeks Germany's Most Beautiful Women Riders

Seeking out Germany's most lovely female rider has been the quest of a Facebook page called "Motorcycles-Girls-Fashion." The site is devoted to designer clothing, motorcycles and beautiful women... though maybe not in that order. The site's owners offer this:

WTF: Helmets Are Safe?!?

A recent study by John Hopkins claims...

Motorcycle Helmets Reduce Spine Injuries After Collisions; Helmet Weight as Risk to Neck Called a ‘Myth’ 

Well no shit.

As a motorcyclist who owes his current mobility, if not life, to a helmet- this study doesn't surprise me.

Testing Vented Riding Gear

Winter's here!

Remember that riding gear you bought last Summer that touted all that ventilation and maximum air vents? Then you rode around all season sweating your ass off wondering what happened to this rush of fresh, cooling airflow the brochure bragged about.

Well, here's your chance to find out!

Now that the mercury has dropped try riding around the block wearing those mesh long johns. I bet you'll feel it now! Brrrrr.

'Tis the Season.... for dead batteries!

As the mercury drops and end of riding season approaches now is a good time to think about your motorcycle's battery. Low temps can really be a drain on a battery, especially one that hasn't had a good charge in a long time.

At the very least consider disconnecting your battery cables. Almost any vehicle has a slight draw of current (clock, ECU, security system) that over time can cause the battery to go flat. Disconnecting the leads will at least stop the drain.

Squids Rejoice

New Sportbike Mag Announced, Free Subscription Offered

SportBikes Inc magazine will launch its premiere issue this October.

“This is a new dawn in the motorcycle publishing arena. SportBikes Inc Magazine has assembled an all star staff to bring the very best in information and education to today’s riders and enthusiasts,” says publisher Allan Lane. “It’s go time and we’re ready!”



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