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Clever Power Plug for BMW Riders

Now you can have it either way.

BMW motorcycles have a wacky accessory power plug known as a Powerlet Outlet. It's basically like a cigarette lighter, but about half the diameter.

The upside to this Eurocentric receptacle is the positive snap connection. Anything plugged into it really locks into place. The downside is, well- almost nothing plugs into it. Most accessories are made to go into the good old 'Merican cigarette lighter receptacle.

Tips for Riding in Groups

Group Riding Etiquette
from our Roving Guest Blogger

Proper etiquette while group riding has as much to do with safety as it does with manners. Even if you were born to be wild, riding in a group may not be as easy as it looks until you learn the ways of the road. The first rule of thumb is to show up on time with a full tank of gas and top the tank every time you pull over, so you are never the one to cause an unplanned stop.

High Mileage Women

Yesterday on the Red Mountain Overlook on the Million Dollar Highway, near Ouray, Colorado, Voni Glaves and Ardys Kellerman became the first two women in North America to document riding one million miles on BMW motorcycles.



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