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Rand-McNally Ride Atlas Released

Ride Atlas Released

Rand McNally Introduces the Harley-Davidson® Ride Atlas
There are road trips and then there are rides. Rand McNally and Harley-Davidson know the difference: Cars take to the interstate for a road trip and bikers hit the back roads for a ride.

For the millions of motorcycle enthusiasts looking for adventure, Rand McNally introduces the first-edition Harley-Davidson® Ride Atlas of North America. Packed with definitive maps of secondary roads, road construction information, local motorcycle laws and an expansive mileage directory, the compact 8.5-inch by 11-inch ride atlas fits snugly into a saddlebag. Wrapped in a black, rubber-like, touché cover are 284 pages of four-color maps, mileage charts, city indexes and descriptions of motorcyclist-tested rides in the United States.

Harley-Davidson Ride Atlas of North America (1st)
Harley-Davidson Ride Atlas of North America

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• Look Before You Leap
Tips from Rex Techresearch routes and side-trips before you head out (sounds obvious but you'd be surprised)
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The Harley-Davidson Ride Atlas is packed with in-depth descriptions, custom trip maps and essential rider tips for 25 key rides nationwide. The scenic rides take motorcyclists off the beaten path — to the coves, hollows and water gaps of North Carolina's Blue Ridge Parkway, through the towering oaks and cedars of Texas Hill Country, and past the emerald lakes and swift streams of the Cascade Range in northern California.

Other unforgettable rides climb from the southern tip of Lake Superior toward the Canadian border along state Route 61, or hug the shoulders along the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway in Wyoming. Others meander through history along "The Trace" in the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky and Tennessee. Still others cruise down a desert highway well-stocked with gas stations — but no roadwork — or crisscross the Rio Grande along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Each ride features its own map highlighting the route, nearby points of interest and geographic features. The rides also include useful touring information, suggested side trips, best seasons to ride, gasoline availability, road conditions, Web sites and phone numbers for state tourism resources, and other insider tips.

"We've enjoyed a long association with Harley-Davidson and were thrilled to partner with them on this exciting venture," said Laurie Borman, Rand McNally's editorial director. “For this book, we talked with Harley-Davidson riders about what they wanted and needed in a ride atlas and trip guide. The result — the Harley-Davidson Ride Atlas of North America — is the ultimate motorcycle enthusiast's book, incorporating the best of all the suggestions. Now motorcyclists have their own guide to know where to go, what to do, and how to get there and have fun doing it all."

Packed with features that enhance the rider's experience
"Our customers live for the time they spend out on the open road," said Tom Parsons, Harley-Davidson Acting General Manager of General Merchandise. "The all-in-one Ride Atlas features some of the most incredible rides in North America, hand-picked by Harley-Davidson and detailed by Rand McNally."

In addition to ride maps, the Ride Atlas contains reliable, detailed Rand McNally maps of each U.S. state, major U.S. cities, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. The maps are tailored to riders' needs, with the minor highways and secondary roads highlighted in bold color. The 25 featured rides and other scenic routes also are highlighted brightly.

Each state map features listings, locations and phone numbers of Harley-Davidson dealerships, which also are indicated by symbols on the maps. Beside the maps are crucial state motorcycle laws and contacts for emergency roadside assistance, state motor vehicle information and tourism resources.

The Ride Atlas also features detailed border crossing information for Mexico and Canada, contacts for U.S. state parks and profiles of America's 10 most popular national parks. A mileage and minutes guide provides driving distances and times between major U.S. cities. It also includes information on Harley-Davidson factory tours, Rider's Edge ® - The Harley-Davidson Academy of Motorcycling, Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals, the Harley Owners Group® and motorcycle shipping. The Ride Atlas will be available in May 2006 at authorized Harley-Davidson® dealerships,, select bookstores, select automotive stores, truck stops and military outlets. Suggested retail price is $34.95

Available online from Rand McNally

ISBN 0-528-93515-1


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