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Oklahoma Motorcycling Mag Debuts

Oklahoma Motorcycling News
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The first issue of a new magazine devoted to motorcycling in Oklahoma is set to debut February 3rd. James Pratt of Edmond, OK is the dynamo behind this bold endeavor known as Ride Oklahoma.

debut issue of Ride Oklahoma magazine“Man oh man, I am like a kid at Christmas, waiting on old Saint Nick,” James recently proclaimed in a message to Ride Oklahoma forum users. “I listen for the UPS truck to drive past, hoping he brings me a pallet full of magazines!”

The debut issue features articles on a variety of riding styles that showcase the wide range of Oklahoma's two-wheelers. From a track day at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit to coverage of the observed trials national event in Tishomingo— we're talking all types of motorcycling here. Our state has a wealth of diverse landscapes to enjoy by motorcycle. This magazine will be a great way to share them with other riders.

Realizing his dream has taken a lot of work. Besides all the effort that goes into creating a printed publication, he has faced challenges finding advertisers to support his dream. Visits to area bike dealers were often fruitless.

“Most were just lukewarm on advertising in a non-existent publication without a solid track record.”

With all the media we are confronted with day after day it's no wonder shops are skeptical. In this day and age any printed publication seems like a questionable venture. Hopefully once they see a glossy copy under thier nose they'll reconsider!

I hope all of you who ride in Oklahoma will consider subscribing.

Ride Oklahoma Magazine
Premiere Party:
February 3, 10:00 am at BMW of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City
February 3, 3:00 pm at K & N Motorcycles of Tulsa
More information at

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