Will your next cruiser be Chinese? A company called Benda is hoping so. The renderings of the Benda BD700 appears to be aimed straight at the U.S. bagger market.

Dustin Wheelan of RideApart had this to say:

Filed on July 10, the patent reveals pictures of a power cruiser deemed the BD700. Though the rendering’s silhouette and bodywork call the Ducati Diavel to mind, the aluminum frame and inline-four engine layout make Benda’s design even more intriguing.

Getting Better All The Time:

Assuming that the BD700 moniker is a nod to the model’s potential displacement, the engine cases strongly resemble those found on Honda’s CB650R. While we’re unaware of any connection between the manufacturers, the BD700’s larger cylinder heads could hint at the power cruiser's larger displacement. The cast aluminum frame and double-sided swingarm also set Benda’s performance cruiser apart from anything else on the market. With a long and low stance and a huge rear wheel, the BD700 would look right at home at your local drag strip.

Source: Could This Power Cruiser Be The Next Big Thing Out Of China?


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