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Motorcycle Miniatures from Rodolpho Moto

eBay Store Spotlight: Rodolpho Moto

Car nuts can find automotive models most anywhere- in fact, almost everywhere. Even the local convenience store will stock up on diecast model cars around the holidays. But miniatures of the two-wheeled variety can be trickier to find. Especially if you're on a quest for a particular bike.

Iron Horse ChopperThat's why we were excited to discover an eBay Store dedicated to nothing but model motorcycles! Rodolpho Moto is run by an avid motorcycle model collector, Rodolpho Moraes, whose collection totals over 1300. Since early 2006 he's been selling motorcycle models on eBay. His selection caters to any style, any taste, any brand- any bike you want in small scale.

"A friend.. told me about Ebay, and I remember he said 'You can find anything, on Ebay,'" Rodolpho told us. "I looked and found hundreds of different models. So little by little I started to buy and sell bikes online just to pay my own collection." Sounds like most motorcycle collectors I know!

Most of these little bikes are 1/18 scale pre-built models. It's a common scale among collectors and works out to an overall length around 4" to 5" for most bikes. Rodolpho is working on expanding the selection to include more 1/24 and the larger 1/12 scale motorcycles.

Respsol Honda RacerRodolpho Moto carries a wide variety of models- all brands, shapes and styles. You'll find official Harley Davidson collectibles, motocrossers, World Superbike racers, X Games toys and even a few promo and commemorative issues. Today we spotted makes from BMW to Yamaha to Aprilia to Norton, and everything in between.

Prices are quite moderate. Most of the models are in the $10 to $12 range, with some as high as $26. And shipping is quite reasonable (something that has become a real problem on eBay lately). Orders are shipped from Webster, MA and Rodopho also offers international delivery for customers outside the U.S.

Rodolpho Moto

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